Abigail Rich


International Glamour Model, International Playboy Playmate, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Actress

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Have you ever wondered about the stars?

Have you ever look to the night sky and wondered about them?

Some think that the stars above have always been there.

Did the stars fight to claim their place in the heavens?
There are stars on earth too.

Some were born into fame, some walked into fame and others have paid a high price to get to where they are. There are a few, who have earned their way to fame. And, some who attained fame simply by being in the right place at the right time.

Some let it go to their head; they forget where they came from; how they got to their place in heaven. There are some who gained the fame of a star and still remained who they are.

This is the story about one of those stars who will forever shine in the heavens above and above all still remain who she is.

This is the true story about the life of Miss Abigail Rich, an International Glamour Model, International Playboy Playmate, credited actress in films & television and of course a published author. This is the story of how she got to where she is today.

Abigail wrote her story in the hopes of inspiring others, letting them know that even though bad things happen, these life changing events and a strong will can change life for the better.
Her story is a heart breaking one that starts when she was just 2 months old, being abandoned, a story of pain, tragedy and most of all triumph and finding happiness. This is the story of a Texas country girl turned International supermodel but most of all still the country girl she was at birth, one that anyone could approach and talk with.

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